Thursday, 5 March 2015

Long time no see...

It's been a while since I last posted something on here :(
I have been quite busy with exams and such but I guess it is time to make a small update ;)

In December me and my two older sister's made a huge taobao order. Some of the things came in February, but most of it still hasn't arrived yet.

Got my older sister (Johanne) to make a compilation picture for me with all my things in the order. 

The 3 things at the top of the picture is the things I recieved from the package that came in February. 

For Jun Ki i bought him a black and grey striped 3 piece suit, an orange shirt, a black tie, some brown shoes and some silicone caps for his elbow joints. 

For little Deryn i only bought some eyes, the small steampunk-ish boots and a wig cap. I am going to make all her clothes myself and I unfurtunately still hasn't been able to buy her a wig. ^^´´ 

I only got a wig cap for Psyche since she is already how I want her to be. :) 

For Haneul i got a white dress, some brown/flower pattern shoes, a white belt and a wig cap. 

And lastly I got some black shoes and pink wig (probably not going to be her final wig) for Akiko. 

So looking forward to when the last things arrive. I am going home in the end of March and hopefully they have arrived by then. :)


  1. Yeah, you've bought some nice stuff ^^
    I hope we get the rest of the Taobao order before Easter holiday ;)

  2. Shopping is always fun! And getting the stuff home is more fun! :)