Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Small Update...

As you can see I am trying a whole new layout for the blog...and I am still figuring it out.
I haven't working with HTML coding for a very long time ^^"

My little Deryn (Peakswoods FOF Rabbit Waltz) arrived in customs last saturday and today I sent in the information the customs needed in order to process the package.
Hopefully I will be able to get my little steampunk fairy by end of this week or by the beginning of next week.

I am so looking forward to recieving her as I haven't had a tiny for about a year now.

Hopefully now that I have passed my exam (got A+) will I be able to take a lot of photos so the galleries can be updated ;)


  1. The new desing is looking nice! I'm sure you will get it to look exactly as you want!
    Congrats on getting Deryn, I hope customs will be kind on you (I personally hate customs). And congrats on the exam!

    1. haha hopefully i hope i can make it look amazing.

      hate customs too :( in Denmark you even have to pay about $25 to the postal service for opening your package, so that they can figure out how much you have to pay in customs >.<

      Thank You ;)

  2. Love the stuff you've done ^^ Can't wait to see more, so keep up the good work. :)
    YAY! You will have your little fairy soon *___* I'm so excited for you. *^^*

  3. Wee, it's gonna be exciting with your little new one! I'll be keeping an eye out for pics :D