Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Shipping notice!!!


It's been a couple of weeks since i started this blog and since i last posted. Still working on making the blog pretty and such.

Well i just wanted to say that i recieved a shipping notice from Peakswoods this morning saying that my FOF Rabbit Waltz girl had been sent.

I hadn't expected a shipping notice after only 1,5 months of wait, so I haven't really been able to have something ready for her. I have bought som eyes and some shoes but they haven't arrived (ordered it in a group order with my two older sisters from Taobao).

I'm looking forward to finally having her in my hands and be able to make her steampunk clothes.

I am planning to take some photos in the weekend and make this blog even prettier if I get the time. I am currently making myself ready for an important exam so if I can't find the time this weekend I will be able to after tuesday.

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