Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Little Deryn arrived today

My little Peakwoods FOF ws Rabbit Waltz arrived today.
I love so much already. I can't wait for when I have her wig and clothes. I am planning to get her a turqouise mohair wig and I will be making her clothes myself.

Well onwards to the box opening pictures! ;)

The Box <3 

The box in the box

I really love Peakswoods boxes. They are so pretty and shiny. 

Inside the box

Some very pretty cards that came along :)

The beautiful envelope containing the CoA.

The CoA.

The little mummy <3

Peakswoods sent along some very pretty grey-greenish glass eyes. 

Her cute extra set of hands.

The first look! She is just so cute! 

She is cute even without faceup..and eyes...It was here I found out I didn't have any eye putty left so she will have to be eyeless until I can buy some ^^'' 

She is actually kind of unfortunate. She came way sooner than I had expected so I haven't been able to buy her a wig or make her clothes. For now I have put her in my MSD's cute jacket XD

Looking forward for when she has a faceup (which I hope Kurisu wants to make ;) ).